Markal Ma Cool Gel 32oz Spray Bottle11509
Markal Ma Cool Gel 32oz Spray Bottle11509

Ma Cool Gel 32oz Spray Bottle11509

Item #: 434-11509


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Product Details

Helps prevent heat damage to components and surrounding materials during soldering, brazing and welding
Protects painted and finished surfaces from discoloration due to adjacent torch operations
Unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running off
Clear, non-staining gel leaves no residue eliminating clean-up
Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin and odorless
Reduces danger of fire to surrounding surfaces such as rubber and plastic seals and gaskets

  • Capacity Wt. = 32 oz
  • Packing Type = Pump Spray
  • Color = Clear
  • Odor = Odorless
  • Applications = Components, Gasket, Seal
  • Resistance = Heat
  • Type = Heat Barrier
  • Applicable Materials = Rubber, Plastic

UPC: 048615115092

ITEM #: 434-11509

Product Type: Heat Barriers

Heat Barriers
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Product Specifications

Case Pack
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1.20 lb(s)
Markal Ma Cool Gel 32oz Spray Bottle11509 (434-11509)