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Whether buying ballpoint pens wholesale or looking for executive pens that imply status, it’s important to have a pen that performs.

Whether its wholesale pens, executive pens or other specialty writing instruments – how often do we really think about the kinds of pens we use? It could have arrived in a package of bulk office supplies, been selected by someone who bought the ballpoint pens wholesale, or been received as a gift - we all have that favorite pen.

It feels better than other pens. The ink looks nicer. And no matter how many times it’s dropped, the pen still writes. Frequently that pen was stumbled upon by accident. Whether looking to purchase ballpoint pens wholesale or from a specialty shop, there are ways to find the perfect pen other than hoping to find one on the floor.

Most employees are at the mercy of whatever pen happens to be in the cabinet that contains the bulk office supplies. When businesses buy ballpoints pens wholesale, there is usually only one factor considered: price.

Depending on how frequently the bulk office supplies are purchased, that can mean there are several different types of pens in the cabinet. If one brand works particularly well, tell the office manager so that the next time wholesale pens are purchased, the top of the list will feature those ballpoint pens.

Wholesale buying isn’t the only way to go for pens. Sometimes a nice pen not only feels right and writes nicely, it also makes a statement about the person using it. Executive pens that are either custom fitted or made out of prestigious metals scream “I’ve arrived” about the user.

The cost of the ink refill cartridges shouldn’t be the main factor when determining which executive pen to purchase, but at least check it out. Remember, too, that refills can usually be purchased at places that sell ballpoint pens wholesale, offering substantial savings.

Keep in mind that not every pen will be used in the safety of an executive office. Those executive pens are nice, but may not stand up to the beating that pens can take in other work environments such as construction sites or sewer systems.

Most outdoor work screams for disposable wholesale pens. If a pen is lost in the office it will, more than likely, turn up at some point. Those dropped away from the office are generally gone for good.

Bottom line, if you are happy with the wholesale pens stacked in the bulk office supplies closet, that’s great. They are functional and since most grew up writing with them in school, they are familiar. Fancier executive pens make a statement about the user and tend to provide a better feel when writing – and that can be important. It’s truly all a matter of taste.


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