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Businesses can put the extra Avery labels found stacked among other unused office supplies to use for organizing and advertising purposes.

  Inside at least one drawer or somewhere in the closet of office supplies there are piles and piles of extra office labels that no one seems to know what to do with. While it’s nice to keep an extra box of Avery labels handy for when you need them, there’s no reason to save boxes upon boxes for a rainy day.

Using those extra office labels can help organize and promote small and large businesses alike.

The storage closet in larger businesses often looks like a war zone. A few plastic bins can help organize the supplies - filling one with pens, another with markers, still another with other office supplies, etc. Once the supplies are in their proper bins slap a couple of Avery labels on the front so that workers can easily find the supplies they are looking for.

The supply of labels can also help speed up the mail room of any office. Labels can be pre-printed with return addresses by using most any office printer. Then feed those same labels back through the printer when it’s time to assign an outgoing address. Peel the labels and affix them to the package or letter, and presto, you have a professional looking parcel.

Labels are also among the office supplies that are helpful in product packaging. Some businesses print serial numbers or product ID numbers on labels and stick them on the products for easy tracking.

Other businesses stick Avery labels on the outside of packaging to advertise additional specials, deals or offers that can generate more business. Businesses can also use these extra office supplies for other means of advertising. Print recently updated information on Avery labels and attach them to existing presentations, keeping them up-to-date without having to pay to reprint the entire batch.

Avery labels can also be stuck to people, too. There are some businesses that always seem to be hosting parties or networking meetings at their office. Labels that are already sitting in the supply cabinet can be used as name tags, helping people get better acquainted.

The sticky nature of labels also makes them perfect to serve as little reminders (turn out the lights when you leave, don’t touch the air conditioning) around the office.

So start emptying those cabinets and drawers full of extra office supplies. Grab the labels that have been sitting there taking up space and turn them into assets that will help the company grow. sells labels compatible with ink jet printers and they will keep you organized for years and years. So, go ahead, start labeling today and save up to 50% off retail prices on your office supplies!

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