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Breakroom supplies important feature of well stocked breakroom.

Keeping a breakroom stocked with paper plates and plastic breakroom supplies raises employee morale and helps raise office productivity.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Anyone who has ever walked back to their office looking for paper towels to wipe the icing off their hands or coffee off their pants understands the need to keep the breakroom fully stocked with breakroom supplies.

People frequently forget how important a breakroom is to office dynamics. It’s the main communal area of most offices, stocked with plenty of paper plates and plastic breakroom supplies that invite workers to enjoy a meal and recharge their batteries.

Many businesses are noticing the uptick in employee moral that comes with having a comfortable breakroom, so they are giving office managers the OK to make sure it’s properly stocked with breakroom supplies.

What can be done to ensure a breakroom is comfortable for employees and cost effective for management? The following are some features of a well-stocked breakroom.

Keep it stocked: In most offices the breakroom doubles as a kitchen, which is why the best breakrooms are packed paper plates, plastic breakroom supplies, and paper towels. Most employees who bring meals to work have their own utensils, but it’s good to know that plastic forks, spoons and knives are easily available. A good supply of paper towels and sanitary wipes are also important to take care of the little spills and mishaps that always seem to happen.

Be ready for parties: Everyone has a birthday, and most office birthday parties happen in the breakroom. There’s always cake, but frequently there’s nothing to serve the cake on. Keeping a cabinet full of paper plates and plastic breakroom supplies such as forks and spoons allows everyone to have their cake and eat it, too.

Make cleanup easy:Paper plates and plastic breakroom supplies can almost always be recycled, so keeping recycle bins accessible will help maintain a clean breakroom. Supplies of sanitizing wipes and anti-bacterial cleansers will help keep the breakroom clean and environmentally friendly.

Make it comfortable: Doesn’t it seem like every breakroom has at least one broken chair sitting in a corner? Proper breakroom supplies include furniture and other pieces of comfort. If a breakroom isn’t inviting, employees won’t use it. That means crumbs and other trash end up scattered throughout the office. A comfortable breakroom provides a central location for employees to congregate, which allows for easy clean-up.

Keep it affordable: Maintaining a clean and comfortable breakroom that is well stocked with breakroom supplies doesn’t have to break the bank. Purchasing paper plates and plastic breakroom supplies will help save money while also ensuring there are plenty of supplies when needed.

By monitoring the amount breakroom supplies, and keeping the breakroom clean and comfortable employers can help keep their employees happy, rested, clean and productive. offers bulk breakroom supplies at the most affordable prices, up to 50% off retail. We have everything you need for a fully stocked breakroom, including products for coffee service, disposable cutlery and dinnerware, food and snacks, drinks, drink mixes and more.

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