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Whether looking for basic office chairs, leather executive chairs or elegant office desk chairs, following a few simple guidelines will ensure that businesses find chairs that satisfy their needs.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Many Americans spend almost one-quarter of their week sitting in office chairs. Americans don’t require the most elegant office desk chairs, most simply want a chair that’s comfortable and affords them the freedom of movement to accomplish their tasks.

For many, their chair doesn’t satisfy either need. Many employees are simply handed the chair used by the person who last occupied their position and you can bet those aren’t leather executive chairs. Wholesale changes aren’t necessary. Following a few simple guidelines can aid employee comfort, which in turn leads to a healthier, more productive work force.

Where should you start when choosing an office chair? Well, go from the ground, up. Seat height is arguably the most important factor to consider when purchasing new office furniture. Most office tasks can be accomplished from a chair seat that ranges from 16 to 21 inches from the floor. Adjustable chairs are important. Remember that not all nice looking chairs are good for every elegant office desk. Chairs that adjust are more comfortable and are also easier to pair with different office decors.

The chair’s seat should also be wide enough to support even heavier workers without taking up too much room. Usually a chair that is 20 inches wide will suffice. What good is having a group leather executive chairs if wholesale-bought secretary pool chairs allow for a better traffic flow through the office?

The biggest flaw found in most common office chairs is a lack of proper lumbar support. Even the most elegant office desk chairs become uncomfortable after only a few minutes if they lack lower back support.

Move from lumbar support up to the back rest. Elegant office desk chairs offer the most comfortable back rests, but those looking for something in a more affordable price range may want to select an office chair that has an easily adjustable back that can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the person seated.

Armrests are always nice to have on a chair, but elegant office desks chairs with tall or wide armrests often won’t fit completely under older desks. Chairs with adjustable armrests prove to be more comfortable for each individual user and can also be easily reset if the office chair is moved from one desk to another.

Finally, should the chair swivel? While some older executive chairs don’t offer this option, most new leather executive chairs, even ones bought wholesale in bulk, do. While there may be some retro-charm in having a chair that doesn’t swivel, those chairs that do are more suited to multi-tasking in an office environment. Besides’ nearly all swivel chairs have an adjustment to prevent swiveling, if that’s something the user desires.

Knowing where to find the right chair is almost as important as knowing what to look for in an office chair. As recently as a few years ago purchasers needed to go to a store that specialized in office furniture, or choose blindly from a catalog.

While those options still exist, the internet is quickly replacing the office catalog. Some Internet sites - is one example - offer free shipping on many of their office chairs, making them a cost effective alternative to pounding the pavement.

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