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Restaurant Health

In the modern era, with all of the technological advances that have been made and all of the technology at our fingertips, it is unacceptable to keep up unhealthy restaurant practices.There is just no reason to accept unclean hands, an unhealthy environment, or the potential for the growth of bacteria.And, customers are becoming more and more health oriented and now appreciate a clean environment along with good food and service.Here is a basic overview of the does and do nots for a healthy, clean restaurant.


  • Use Purell Hand Sanitizer – Purell has launched the “Purell Out Front” Program to put Purell soap in all restaurants, in the bathroom and in other, easily located areas.The addition of Purell soap in key locations can be very important, offering your customers the cleanliness they desire.On a side note, beware the latex content of some soap dispensers and ask about it before ordering.Many customers have been complaining recently about rashes and itchiness caused by soap, and it is believed to be caused by the latex bags that contain the soap.
  • Use Lysol – it kill 99.9% of the germs that cause the flu on hard surfaces that have no holes or pores, such as plastic tables, some tablecloths, and most cutting environments. Lysol works great in restaurants and bathrooms.
  • Make sure your employees wash their hands after using the bathroom.This is obvious, and most restaurants have well being signs for it, but it really needs to be done.So crack down and get those hands clean!
  • Use “Chemical-free steam/vapor cleaner” to clean your restaurant.They melt away dirt and dust, providing a great clean.But more importantly, they release a vapor that has no chemicals in it and is finer than steam, giving your restaurant a crisp, clean, environmental friendly feel.
  • Consider using disposable items such as plastic cups and utensils. These dispsosable items can easity be disposed of after use, reducing the need for sanitization.


  • Allow cross-contamination – this is a big problem for many restaurants, especially in the bathroom.Mixing chemicals or getting the wrong thing in the wrong place can be very environmentally bad and dangerous.So make sure you use the right product for the right use.
  • Have unusable soap and towel dispensers – this means that your dispensers must be not only operational but also fully loaded.It doesn’t matter if you can dispense soap if you have no soap to dispense, and the same applies for towels.
  • Have disgusting garbage lying around – pretty self-explanatory.I know that I don’t want to eat next to a garbage dump.
  • Have dirty counters, floors, or tables – another easy one, but very important.Sticky or dirty tables can turn costumers off so much that they leave.
  • Allow bad smells – worse than dirt and grime, a bad smell can send your customers in the opposite direction, heading for the hills.

Hopefully these easy hints will give you a cleaner environment that both you and your customers has all the items you need to keep your restaurant in good shape. Use our convenient search box or click here to browse through our categories of products.

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