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Spring Cleaning Tips

Over the course of a whole year, a house gets very, very messy. Traditionally, spring is the time to begin cleaning the house for the year to come (even though the start of spring does not mark the start of a new year anywhere on Earth). Spring, what with its fresh new fragrances and beautiful blossoming flowers is perfect for opening the windows, catching a breeze, and sweeping all day. So here are some tips for the next time you decide to participate in spring cleaning.

Before you Clean

  • Wear comfortable, old clothing that is expendable
  • Stock up on any janitorial supplies you need
  • Eliminate any distractions (TV, phone, computer, radio…OFF!)
  • Make a plan of what you want to do
  • Turn on lots of fans or open the windows to blow the dust away from your nose so you don’t inhale it.

While Cleaning

  • Take 2 empty can liners around. Use one to throw things away and one to gather things that are useful but you do not need them (garage sales are popular during spring. You could also donate them.)
  • Throw many things away, even if you think you still need them. Clear out as much as possible to make dusting easier and make your room less cluttered.
  • Work in one direction, going left to right or right to left. This makes for maximum efficiency.
  • Remove everything from counters and shelves for dusting.
  • Dust down all shelves from top to bottom. Sweep and vacuum all floors. Polish what needs polishing.
  • Clean sheets (with laundry products), shower curtains, drapes.
  • Leave baking soda on carpet over night to remove odor.
  • Allow cleaning agents to set for a few minutes. This makes them more effective and makes cleaning easier.

After Cleaning

  • Replace everything you took off the shelves and counters. Make sure you don’t clutter them. Do not put anything on kitchen counter that isn’t used daily.
  • When replacing pictures and breakables, put them in new places to change it up a bit.
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