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Office supply placement and a proper arrangement of office products will lead to a more organized, productive office.

Take a look around your office. Are there office supplies piled on the corner of the desk, computer supplies and other office products stacked in the middle of the room, and a pile of papers three feet high and climbing? That likely means it’s time organize your office.

Supply yourself with a few simple guidelines and creating that well organized office will become a snap.

Start with the desk, because that is where you will spend most of the time. The desk needs to be comfortable and functional. It should be stocked with enough office supplies that they can easily be reached without looking too hard, but are also not obtrusive in the work environment.

Many make the mistake of cramming desk drawers full of boxes of extra printer toner, reams of paper, boxes of pens and other office products. While a functional desk drawer contains these products, extra office supplies should be stored in a closet to avoid clutter.

Try to keep only the basic office supplies on the desktop. Pens and pencils should be in their holders, and there should always be a pad of paper nearby for easy note taking. The phone, a computer monitor or laptop, and a desk lamp are the only other office products that need space on the desk.

Other office products like printers, fax machines and copiers should have their own tables. If the desk has a matching credenza, that is usually an excellent spot for such machines, especially since office supplies like toner cartridges and reams of paper can be stored in the credenza cabinet.

If there isn’t already a credenza in the office, a long coffee table will suffice. Even though the table doesn’t have cabinets, there will be room underneath the table for storage of office supplies.

Small businesses have found that buying office supplies in bulk can save money, but storing those supplies can clutter an office. Don’t be afraid to head to online office supply sources like to buy bulk items. There’s no rule that says extra supplies have to be stored in the home office. Keep a few extras on hand in the storage closet or cabinets, but store large boxes in closets in different rooms or in the basement.

The amount of furnishings in the remainder of the office depends heavily on the amount of room available. Some find that adding a second chair that can be used by visitors or as a more comfortable seat for longer reading sessions is especially useful.

Finally, many people shy away from purchasing filing cabinets because the old metal standards don’t fit their décor. That isn’t necessarily the case anymore. It is now simple to purchase inexpensive filing cabinets that match most any interior, often at the same office supply source that you’re already heading to for other office products.

By starting with the desk and working out to the periphery, it becomes easy to create a more organized office while ensuring the needed office supplies remain close at hand. offers cheap office supplies in price, but not in quality. We offer everything from office furniture to office paper, office pens and file cabinets. Remember, when you shop for your discount office supplies, you will be saving money and investing in the future of your company!

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