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Are inexpensive knives on the list? What about food processors? On sale purchases and buying in bulk help thrifty consumers maintain a well stocked kitchen.

The kitchen supplies the focal point for much of the activity in a house. That’s why it is important to keep the kitchen stocked with items that help families eat on the go or, when possible, enjoy a sit-down meal – supplies like food, cheap knives and forks, or other food processors.

On sale is the best time to pick up such supplies, but what kinds of items should be kept on hand? Well, kitchen supplies can be broken down into three classifications. Having proper amounts of food preparation pieces, consumption items and cleaning supplies will ensure that the kitchen remains fun, useful and clean.

To stock a kitchen with preparation supplies, think of appliances that reduce kitchen prep time. Toaster ovens, microwaves and coffee machines are musts, as are food processors. On sale they are a bargain, but even at retail price these items are worth the money because they save time.

And the toaster ovens, microwaves and food processors on sale now at on-line venues like frequently come with free shipping, a nice little perk for thrifty consumers.

Consumption items such as utensils, plates and cups don’t have to break the bank. Cheap knives, forks and spoons can be found at most convenience stores. Forward thinkers frequently purchase these items in bulk, realizing they will need lots of these types of kitchen supplies so it’s better to buy them on the cheap.

Knives made of strong, refined metal are also a necessity for a well stocked kitchen. While different knife blades serve different purposes, most every cook has their favorite knife. It becomes a multi-tasker, being used for slicing vegetables, carving meats, etc. Seasoned cooks working on a budget will frequently purchase one or two good knives for preparation, then use cheap knives for the family place setting.

Many families have their basic place setting, but more are realizing the usefulness of paper or plastic plates and cups. A good supply of disposable service items comes in handy at parties or when unexpected guests stop in, making clean-up easier.

Speaking of clean-up, is there anything less inviting than a messy kitchen? No room gets used more frequently than the kitchen, which means no room needs to be cleaned more often.

To be ready, start with the kitchen supplies needed to clean up the little messes. Paper towels, napkins and sponges should always be on hand, with backups in the pantry. There should also be plenty of disinfectants for cleaning surfaces, and Purell hand sanitizers for cleansing hands prior to food preparation.

Finally, every kitchen needs to be stocked with trash bags and every garage should have plastic recycle bins, making it easy to remove refuse while saving the planet.

There is one final element of well stocked kitchen: Food. But that is for another article. 

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