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Discount barware, crystal glasses also key stocking a bar for that big holiday get together.

This time of year, many small businesses are considering throwing their office holiday party, but aren't sure they have the wine glass sets, crystal glasses or discount barware to handle the task.

That shouldn't be a detriment, however, because there are plenty of stores and online sites that have all the supplies needed at reasonable prices.

All that's left is determining what kinds of supplies are needed to throw a great holiday party. The list below contains the five items needed behind the bar to throw a good party.

No. 1 The glasses – This really depends on how extravagant the party thrower wants to be. Some parties call for those red plastic cups that work pretty well with any type of beverage. Other parties are more drink specific, so they need the proper type of glassware. Wine parties, for example, shouldn't be held without wine glass sets. Champagne parties should have crystal glasses. Martini parties, well, you get the picture...

No. 2 Discount barware – Sure it's nice to have a good set of bar tools and accessories, but if this party is a one-time deal, there is no need to spend too much money. Make sure there is a corkscrew, bottle opener, drink stirrer and plenty of swizzle sticks on hand.

No. 3. Cocktail napkins – Prevent rings on wooden furniture with a good supply of napkins. They can be be fancy or inexpensive, depending on the type of party. If serving the drinks in crystal glasses, a nicer cocktail napkin is more appropriate. But napkins with jokes on them also tend to be a good way to start conversations.

No. 4. A bar rag – Spills will happen, so it's best to be ready for them. This is another item that doesn't have to cost a lot. Pickup the bar rags anywhere that sells discount barware.

No. 5. The beverages - Truth be told, from a bar standpoint, this is the most important part of the evening. Most guests won't care if the host is using the proper wine glass sets or crystal glasses, as long as the drink is flowing they will be happy. Which bottles are behind the bar depends upon the kind of party, but try to purchase a bottle or two more than seems necessary. It's better to have too much than have a party end early because there's nothing left to drink. If the extra bottles aren't to your taste, they can always be given as holiday presents.

Those are the five tips when planning for the holiday glassware essentials. Remember, wine glass sets for wine parties, crystal glasses for extravagant parties and basic discount barware will suffice for nearly everything in between. The rest of the holiday fun should take care of itself.

At, you can buy cheap wine glass sets and crystal glasses that are elegantly styled and suitable for any celebratory occasion. Buy discount barware today and save at!

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